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The Neurobiology of Intimacy:
The Brain Behind The Bed

I am Dr. Amos Gdalyahu a brain scientist and I offer a professional course in neuro-sexuality

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What causes a broken heart?

Long-term relationship

Brain and Sexuality

Dr. Amos Gdalyahu

Hi, I'm Amos and I have wanted to understand human behavior since my teenage years. This led me to do brain-research in top universities for over 20 years. 

Surprisingly, all these years I’ve not come across any neuro-sexuality course in spite of great public demand for it including my own curiosity. This explains why so frequently I hear misconceptions, over-simplifications, and pseudoscience around this subject. I have decided to fill this gap and to explain complicated issues of Neuro-Sexuality deeply, simply, and clearly. It is a unique course and a unique opportunity to gain fundamental life knowledge. 

I’m primarily a brain scientist and therefore my course is scientifically sound, accurate, as it is multidisciplinary and unique. I have been invited to multiple podcasts. My lecture opened the meetings of  The Israeli Society for Sexual Therapy and The Israeli Society for Fertility Research. 
I teach Neurobiology at Tel-Hai college, and
Bio-Sexuality at the prestigious program for sexual therapy in Sheba medical center, I also teach at The Faculty of Medicine Tel Aviv University, and at the course of The European Society for Sexual Medicine, ESSM.

How do I sound like?




When will a live course open?

A live course on Zoom in English!
The course will begin
January 8th 24
@ 19:30 
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Discover your sexual operating system!

Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay
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Examples of questions that the course answers

The course "The Neurobiology of Intimacy" answers critical questions for happiness, relationships, sexuality and better self-understanding, for example:

  • Can a genetic test tell if your partner will marry you? Why does a broken heart hurt so much and can science help? the syllabus

  • How does the brain control sexual behavior? And what do substances such as testosterone, dopamine, serotonin and more do?  .to the syllabus

  • What happens in the brain during orgasm? What is an orgasm? What is contact language? What makes sex great? the syllabus

  • How to increase libido? the syllabus

  • Does passion interfere with pleasure? What happens when passion gets out of hand?  Is love an addiction? How does porn change the brain? the syllabus

  • How to preserve the passion in a long relationship? What does happen to the brain in different stages of love? the syllabus

  • What makes loved ones bond and stay in a relationship? Can science change monogamous to non-monogamous and vice versa? Is there a love potion? the syllabus

The course "The Neuro-biology of Intimacy" answers these questions and many more in the field of Neurosexuality!

Aya:"The course gave me a refreshing perspective on my relationships and my behavior in content and helped me to understand deeply what are the brain engines behind my desires, feelings, loves and passions and of those around me. 
In an accessible and clear way, the course allows a deep dive into fascinating and everyday topics that are not taught in any academic course." 085.jpg

What did participants say?

"It was fascinating and super important for life! It's fun that science can be sexy:) Thanks"

Lior: "I recommend the course to anyone who is curious   to discover another facet in the discourse on sexuality, to get an inside look at the influence of our brain on our sexual activities. The course offers a unique look at sexuality, in presenting processes that occur in our brain in the context of sexual activity.  Dr. Gdalyahu does it in a fascinating way and makes the world of neurology accessible.  Sex, happiness, relationships, pleasure and motivation, he goes over all the topics using examples from studies, analysis of processes that occur in the brain and questions that arose for the participants during the course.  
It is great even for those who are confident that they "know everything".  Dr. Gdalyahu created an
accessible course  at an academic levelOur perceptions towards sexuality begin in the brain, our functioning is affected by it.
Before you run to practice in a workshop or in bed, it is recommended to enrich your knowledge about our sexual activities through the "Bed, brain and Beyond" course. 

Guy: "The course made me curious about more such material and opened up a whole world for me.
It's worth signing up for the course because it's fun to know! It is amazing and important to me to understand how sexuality and relationship work.  Also, it is important and amazing to see how these topics have  been researched so far. 
And on that note, thank you very much Amos!
it was great! I was really interested and it opened up a whole world of curiosity for me to the world of neurology in general so thank you very much!"

Timor: "I could write an entire life story and describe how the knowledge I learned in the course with Dr. Amos Gdalyahu touched my life, but I will try to summarize in a few words;  The course gave me the knowledge to understand my passions, and my partner's ways of pleasure. 

Passion is a strong emotional experience that originates from the processes that occur in our mind.  Passion for all.. It was exciting to understand how it works. And the same goes for the processes that take place in our minds when we have fun. What enhances the pleasure and what blocks it. What happens during a sexual assault? I admit that this part shocked me and raised many questions and thoughts. Amos scientifically explains what we experience physically and emotionally which allows understanding ourselves and our partners and enhancing the experience of pleasure.  in two words: Meaningful and delightful!"

WhatsApp Image 2023-12-04 at 18.37.31_ed8084a5.jpg

Tal: "I came to this course because of my professional interest in the field of sexuality, and I stayed because of so much knowledge that I felt was really relevant to things and processes that I myself go through. 
The course made me understand how complex the human being is, how many studies have already been done on things that have brought us amazing discoveries and how many more there are that we don't know.  
It was amazing to understand the connection between the different neurotransmitters and to understand that the environment has an effect on the physiological level, on our struggles and on traumas and on genetics.  
It helped me understand a lot of things about cognitive processes in my life and helped me to a deeper understanding of these processes that take place in my own brain. 
Amos brought broad and interesting knowledge, backed by research and made me ask many more questions.  Highly recommended.

Limor Bandel: "I highly recommend. I am now in the course and it is fascinating!!!

Regev: "Really, really recommend. The content is amazing and wonderfully packed."

Comments at the end of the introductory lecture:
"Excellent lecture. Conveying complex messages in a clear and fascinating way."

"Wowwww fascinating!! Thank you very much".

"I got to take several courses on sexuality, and this was one of the most fascinating lectures I've ever attended. Thank you."

Comments at the end of the introductory lecture:

"Fascinating lecture, thank you."

"An interesting and innovative lecture".

"Wow, amazing, thank you."

"I swallowed every word with passion"

"Very interesting, non-stop innovations." 089.jpg
למה להרשם

What will I get?

  • You will understand the science of sexuality and relationships.

  • You will better understand yourself.

  • You will draw conclusions for your life.

  • You will enjoy hearing a high quality lecture once a week !

  • The course is suitable also for neuroscientists, doctors and therapists. I promise that you too will learn a lot.

  • No prior knowledge is required!

  • You will be comfortablly listening from home.

  • You will receive rare, reliable, up-to-date, multidisciplinary knowledge!

  • Knowledge is power. Take the power to your hands! 


I can't promise you a change in your sex life, relationships or happiness, but knowledge is power and in the course you will get the knowledge.
It will be fascinating and the rest depends on you.

Curiosity is a need and we enjoy satisfying our curiosity.
As a side effect, you will get more pleasure and more control over your life.

Let's understand the brain research of:

 Relationship, attachment & love

Happiness and pleasure

Love making and libido

Couple Holding Hands

And many other topics..


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