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Sex Happiness,& motivation

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"One of the most exciting lectures I've heard"

Dr. Amos Gdalyahu

Ph.D. in Neuroscience

Expert in Neuro-Sexuality

New insights from brain research

An on-line introductory lecture

in Neuro-Sexuality


at 20:00 Israel time

Ticket price: NIS 89

 29$ (USD)

It is said that "The brain is the largest sex organ" 

and indeed, the brain controls our sexuality, our passion, our happiness and our overall behaviors. 

In this top-notch scientific lecture you will discoversurprising answersfor questions such as:

What are the mechanisms of motivation and of passion?

What does really make us happy? 

What makes sex pleasurable?

The lectureuniquely touches many complicated topics in neuro-sexuality and explains them in lay terms.

It is an introductory lecture yet it covers many topics and is rich in information.



The lecture

There is nothing like this lecture

27.06.2022 at 20:00Israel time

Ticket price: NIS 89

Is the lecture for me?

The lecture fits any men and women
who are interested in understanding sexuality. 
If you are curious to understand the mechanisms underlying sexuality it is for you.
The lecture is a great asset for therapists.
It is up-to-date, accurate and scientifically sound.
It is an introductory lecture rich with information.

There is no need for prior knowledge.

The lecturer

 Dr. Amos Gdalyahu studied Life Sciences at the Technion, Israel, graduated with honor, continued at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, for M.Sc on Neuro-Immune interactions and for Ph.D. on brain development.

As a Ph.D., he moved to UCLA for post-doctorate research where he discovered how learning changes neuronal networks and how autism-causing mutation affects neuronal connectivity.

Upon returning to Israel, Dr. Gdalyahu research focused on impaired blood flow as a cause of dementia. During that time he developed an interest insexualityand has become an expert in the field: Dr. Gdalyahu teaches his Bio-sexuality course at the 2-year program for therapists specializing in sex therapy at Sheba hospital, and gives lectures at Tel-Aviv University and at Haifa University in Neuro-sexuality.
Most importantly, Dr. Gdalyahu loves teaching lay people Neuro-Sexuality. "I'm filing a gap because  I believe knowledge is for everybody and the lack of knowledge allows misconceptions to flourish".

Dr. Gdalyahu also teaches Neuroscience at Tel-Hai college. 

"After about 20 years in brain research I am as passionate about the brain research as I was on day one. Let me take you with me to an exciting premium journey that reveals mysteries of sexuality and of brain function".
Are you interested?


© 2022 All rights reserved for Dr. Amos Gdalyahu

The creator of the course:
Neurosexuality - The (Brain) Science of Sexuality

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