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A new lecture

Introduction to
The Neuroscience of Intimacy

"One of the most fascinating lectures I've ever attended"

 With Dr. Amos Gdalyahu

Expert in neuro-sexuality

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June 28st 8:30 pm (Berlin time GMT +1)

Presale tickets 15 USD

(Regular price 25$ US)

What will you learn?

A common saying is that the largest sex organ is the brain.

The brain controls our sexuality, our passions and in general our behavior.

In the lecture we will meet with the forefront of research in the field of neuroscience.
we will find out surprising answers For questions like:

How to create passion?

What really makes us enjoy sex?

How to cure the sexual brain?

In addition, you will get the oppertunity, to join our full course:
"The Brain Behind the Bed".



June 21st 6:30 pm (Berlin time GMT +1)

Presale Tickets Available NOW

15$ USD

(regular price: 25 USD)

Is this lecture for me?

The lecture is for those interested in sexuality.
For those who want to better understand themselves and others, for caregivers,

for medical professionals,

and above all, for every curious person.

The scientific terms are explained in clear language.

No prior knowledge is needed to watch and participate in the lecture

About the lecturer

Dr. Amos Gdalyahu Dr. Amos Gdalyahu is an Israeli holding a Ph.D. in Neurobiology. For over 20 years, he conducted brain research at top universities: The Weizmann Institute of Science, UCLA, and Tel Aviv University. Dr. Gdalyahu's discoveries were published in cutting-edge, prestigious scientific journals and have been widely cited.

Over the years, Dr. Gdalyahu has developed an interest in sexuality, leading him to create an online course on the neuroscience of sexuality called 'The Neurobiology of Intimacy - The Brain Behind The Bed.' He also writes a blog on the subject. In addition, Dr. Gdalyahu teaches neuro-sexuality in the therapist program at Shiba Hospital and lectures at the course 'Human Sexuality' at the Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University. In 2023, he presented talks that opened the conferences of the Israeli Association for Sexual Therapy and the Israeli Association for Fertility Research. Dr. Gdalyahu also teaches 'Basic Neurobiology' at Tel Hai College.


June 21st 6:30 pm (Berlin time GMT +1)

Presale Tickets Available NOW

15$ US

(regular price 25$ US)

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