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Is love an addiction?

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Sex and Happiness

Wanting Sex in The Brain




A Brain-Trilogy: Sex Love and The Paired Bond

Part 1 in animals

Part 2 in humans

Part 3 mechanism

Making Love (on the brain's level)

The Science of Enjoying Sex







Why to join the course?

  • Answer your curiosity with high-quality science.

  • Understand yourself better in these core-domains.

  • Draw down-to-earth conclusions

  • It is a deep course with no need for any prior knowledge.

  • Even brain researchers would learn a lot from the course.

  • Brain-Sexuality is a weekly premium, high-end scientific course.

  • ​Learn comfortably at home with a closed discussion group.

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Take responsibility by learning the neuroscience underlying:

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Making Love

...among other topics


What will you learn?

Brain-Sexuality answers essential questions for your wellbeing, relationships, sexual behavior, and in general for understanding yourself such as:​

  • How do sex and relationship affect our happiness?

  • When does desiring sex interfere with enjoying it?  What happens when our desire is out of control?  Is love an addiction?  How does porn interact with the brain?

  • How to maintain desire in long-term relationships? What happens to the brain in distinct stages of love?

  • What makes lovers bond and stay together? can science make non-monogamous person monogamous and vice-versa? Is there a love potion?

  • Can a genetic test tell if your partner is likely to marry you? Why does a broken heart hurt so much and can science help?

  • How does our brain control sexual function? What is the role of testosterone, dopamine, serotonin, etc. in making love?

  • What happens in our brain during an orgasm and what orgasm is? What is the language of touch? What does it take to make good sex? 


The Brain-Sexuality course will answer all those questions and many more!


Who is the lecturer?

Hi, I'm Amos and I have wanted to understand human behavior since my teenage years. This led me to do brain-research in top universities for over 20 years. 

Surprisingly, all these years I’ve not come across any neuro-sexology course in spite of great public demand for it including my own curiosity. This explains why so frequently I hear misconceptions, over-simplifications, and pseudoscience around neuroscience and especially regarding neuro-sexology. I have decided to fill this gap and to explain complicated issues deeply, simply, and clearly. It is a unique course and a unique opportunity to gain fundamental life knowledge. 

I’m primarily a brain scientist and therefore my course is scientifically sound, accurate, as it is multidisciplinary and extensive.


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