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You can change your emotional response

עודכן: 25 ביולי 2022

This is not about sexuality, but I liked this talk and thought it would be meaningful to many people so I'm posting it here. In this TEDtalk, Dr. Feldman Barrett gives us the responsibility for our emotions which otherwise, sometimes, take the charge in a counterproductive way.

Contrary to the widely held public concept that a specific emotion is a direct response to an event, Dr. Feldman Barrett explains that an emotion in fact is a result of an indirect process: Our brain detects an event and then guesses what is the appropriate emotion by past experience and by the current context. This happens almost instantaneously semi-automatically, but that’s the thing: we can add to the guessing process an alternative explanation which would bring about a different emotion that is more productive to us. I don't say to use this method for avoiding unpleasant emotions. All emotions are good and important! But sometimes we get fixed on using a specific pattern of interpretation, and that inflexible interpretation may gives us wrong concept of reality and it's counterproductive. Once an emotion arises, it brings about behavior which again we can modify but this seems to be more difficult. Thanks for reading, enjoy the talk!

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