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Brain, Sex & Beyond

With Dr. Amos Gdalyahu

"The Intersection of Brain Sciences and Sexuality"

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With Dr. Amos Gdalyahu

About the course

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This is the first course that brings you reliable, up-to-date, multi-disciplinary knowledge concerning the sexual operating system.

The course deals with sexuality in its broad sense: relationships, pleasure, happiness, a broken-heart, sexual performance, attachment, passion, addiction, motivation, orgasm, synchronicity, orientation, touch and way more.

The course is scientific, in the highest academic merits.
Yet, it does not require any prior knowledge.


 The content of the course is a unique synthesis done by me, Dr. Amos Gdalyahu.

As far as I know, I am the only one that offers such a broad, deep, and scientific course on Neuro-Sexuality. 

The quality of my teaching has been recognized by the Israeli academia: I am honored to teach my course 'Bio-Sexuality' in the prestigious  sexual-therapy program in Sheba medical center, and my lecture opened conferences of the Israeli Society for Sexual Therapy and of the Israeli Society for reproduction Research.  

The course is accessible to anyone. 

The course is 5 meeting. Each meeting is ~2 hours. 

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The lecturer

I'm Dr. Amos Gdalyahu (pronounced Ge-dal-Ya-Hu).

I  graduated from the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, where I studied neuro-immune interactions (M.Sc) and brain development (Ph.D). After that, I did post-doctorate research in UCLA, USA, studying how learning changes the activity of a neuronal network and how the connections between neurons change by a mutation that causes autism. Upon returning to Israel, I joined Tel-Aviv University to ask if an altered blood flow could cause dementia. 
 parallel, I've developed interest  in sexuality. Amazingly, I've never encountered any course in neuro-sexuality and therefore I took on myself to fill this gap. I have read 1000s of research articles from various disciplines and synthesized them into a unique state-of-the art course.  This work is my mission and my passion.
I teach Neuroscience in Tel-Hai college, Bio-Sexuality in a program for therapists at the Sheba medical center, write a blog on Neuro-Sexuality and teach whoever want to learn the subject on Zoom.
After 20 years in brain research i have the same passion as I had when I just entered the field.

Some of my publications


"Where else could I hear a brain researcher actually explaining me how it works?  This knowlege is not available anywhere else!"


Oren Rehani

"I've received way more than I could anticipated. I got deep answer to all my questions and knowledge that everyone needs in order to understand themself."

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Ruth Ron

There are many sexuality teachers  who talk about the brain. After this course I understood that none of them has a clue.

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Eyal Shemesh

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  • No Commitment

    A single lecture of your choice
    בתוקף למשך 3 חודשים
    • Chose a single lecture from the live course.
    • The recorded lecture will be available to you for 3 months.
    • All lectures are double lectures (1.5-2 hours).
    • Watch as many times as you want (mobile, computer)
    • Dates The course will begin Tuesday June-27 @ 19:30 (GMT+2)
  • הכי משתלם

    Full Plan

    A live course
    בתוקף למשך 6 חודשים
    • Five live lectures.
    • Each lecture is between an hour and a half to two hours.
    • Available to you for 6 months.
    • Unlimited access to recordings on any device
    • Course begins Tuesday June-27 @ 19:30 (GMT+
  • The VIP Plan

    A live course with personal meetings
    בתוקף למשך 6 חודשים
    • All the benefits of the full plan plus:
    • Three one-on-one 1 hour private sessions with the lecturer.

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