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Dr. Amos Gedalhiu

Neuro-biology specialist

This page offers an online recorded lecture in Hebrew

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"One of the most fascinating lectures I have watched"

Introduction to neuro-sexology

Introductory lecture online

for the neuroscience of sexuality

59 NIS only

What's in the lecture?

The brain controls our sexuality, our passions and in general our behavior.

This is an introductory lecture to the neuroscience of sexuality (neuro-sexology)


passion:What triggers it and how does it translate into treatment?

motivation, how it works and busting myths.

pleasure: What does it really take for sex to be enjoyable for each gender?

sex andConfirmed -What's the connection? 

and more..

This is a scientific lecture and the answers are from the forefront of brain research!

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59 NIS only

Who is the lecture suitable for?

The lecture is suitable for anyone who is interested in sexuality and wants to better understand the mechanisms responsible for sexual behavior and human behavior in general.

For practitioners in the fields of treatment, eMedicine and research

And for every curious person.

The scientific terms are explained in clear language

And no prior knowledge is needed to watch and participate in the lecture

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Tasting from the lecture

טעימות מההרצאה

Experiences and recommendations...

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59 NIS only


about the lecturer

Dr. Amos GedalhiuGraduated with honors in life sciences at the Technion and continued research at the Weizmann Institute on the relationship between the immune system and the nervous system. He then went on to a doctorate at the Weizmann Institute on brain development. After finishing his doctorate, he went to UCLA for a post-doctorate where he studied how learning changes neural networks and how autism changes the connections in the neural network. When he returned to Israel, he became involved in research on blood flow in the demented brain at Tel Aviv University. At the same time, Dr. Gadalihu developed an interest in sexuality and as a result he is currently conducting an online course in the neuroscience of sexuality.Such a mind" and authorblogon the subject. In addition, Dr. Gadaliho teaches a course in basic neurobiology at Tel Hai College, in bio-sexology in the program for therapists at Sheba Hospital and lectures in the "Sex and Sexuality and What's Between Them" program at the Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University. Dr. Gadaliho's research has been published in prestigious newspapers most and widely cited.

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